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Obtain Successes, Not Goals!

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Obtain Success, Not Goals
I was wanted to share some challenging “goals” I set out for myself on a few of the social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. What I immediate realize was that I was sending out an excuse that I might make this “goal” but if I don’t… well it was just a goal and I can always change it. Right?

Well, this was not what I wanted to receive back, another goal better yet an excuse.

What I did was change my mindset. I wanted to receive “Success”…
My mindset was immediately changed by accepting the fact that I WILL tell everyone what my successes are…. I did not ask for permission, I did not seek approval or validation, I just did it.  In my mind that have already happened all I will need to do is hurry up and get there!  You see, there are times when you must TELL EVERYONE what will happen before it does and you must believe in this.

Your mindset must not deviate from your success path.
I shared with all my social media buddies that I WILL achieve! My 40 Day Successes Path via posting to my Personal Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace accounts to include a few others. Today I have obtained successes….

My “40 Day Successes” (Not Goals!) I WILL have
100+ daily blog visits
-AND- I WILL Reach out to 20k Tweeple!

Now, just vision the substitution of the word “Goal” instead of “Successes”…
Notice the discrepancy of the mindset, notice the feeling of a challenge, BUT the added since of “work to be done”. However, by using “Successes”, there is definitely a sense of immediate satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong, we will have to roll up our sleeves; however in the sense of increased satisfaction as we expand our successes.

Basically, all I am trying to convey is our choice of words we use and our choice in reaching and only accepting the best positive “thingies”… LOL! You will always have a choice… So why not chose success. Another reflection here is to write your success down, read your success daily, share your successes with other like-minded-individuals. Yep, this includes me!

At the time of this posting I am just under 13k Twitter followers and my blog stats are averaging 34 daily unique visits.  I will keep you posted on my “40 Day Success Path”. And I am also looking forward to celebrating yours!

So Remember… Obtain Success, Not Goals!

Much Much Success!

JW Reed, Jr.

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Social Networks & Text Messaging

Posted by: | Comments Comments Off on Social Networks & Text Messaging  SMS Message service from internet to cellular.Chat-To-Text is the world’s first application that allows anyone you want to chat with you through from virtually anywhere on the internet, straight to your cell phone.

You can add our app to your social network page such as Facebook, Bebo, and MySpace, or people can find you through Chat-To-Text site directly. You’ll get html code that you simply copy and paste to put Chat-To-Text on any web property. Have your site visitors click the link to send a message to your cell phone that you can reply to.

Features includes:

  1. The ability to turn your chat window on and off.
  2. A platform to set a schedule of chat availability.
  3. Blocking unwanted individuals from from texting you.
  4. Tools to archive your chat history.
  5. Customizable window with your personal photo and more.

Chat-To-Text costs $5.99/month for unlimited text chatting through as many social networks as we support with much more coming.


Text Messaging & Social Media Networks
Merging Together… Nice!


Chat-To-Text also has a 3×9 commission structure. What! MLM opportunities affiliated with Facebook, MySpace & Bebo? Chat-To-Text commission structure will allow its affiliates to make $2/month for each direct referral and a $0.25/month for each indirect referral; equating to Big Bucks!!! Chat-To-Text is bringing the internet and texting together.

Enjoy a 5-minute video. Click Below…

JW Reed, Jr.

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