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A Recent Networking Event

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I have attended a quite of few networking events over the years. One thing for sure is that every event has a “life” of its own. There is usually a conversation theme amongst the many, but most importantly a “mood” over the general audience. No, this is not going to be another piece on “Networking 101”, but just a personal observation at a recent “networking event”…

The networking event was going just great; people got a chance to give their elevator pitch to the audience and the guest speaker was right on point in connecting with the audience. However, when the session was winding down, I start noticing a handful of people starting to run around stuffing their business cards into everyone’s hand. It seemed like they were on some type of race! “Now hold up here,” I said to one of the them. “What are you doing? Do you actually think your marketing method is effective? I for one don’t find business shoved into my hand a good way to do business.” Now you should have seen this strangest expression on this person’s face… better yet, check out his reply, “Sir, this is not a marketing event, it’s a networking event!”

Astounded by the person’s reply I just shocked my head in disbelief and smiled. As I left the networking event, I added my recently received business card from the gentleman and added it to the collection found in trash can on my way out. 🙂


JW Reed, Jr.


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